Rockport Resident Stunned by Theft of Lady of Guadalupe Statue

A Rockport homeowner woke up to a rotten surprise one morning. She discovered that her statue of the Lady of Guadalupe had been stolen right out of her front yard.

Now, she wants it back.

Connie Marek said she was stunned and shocked that somebody would take a religious statue. The theft happened sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.

She's had the three and a half foot, 150 pound concrete statue in her front yard for two years. The statue was decorated with red plug-in Christmas lights. Roses had bloomed around the statue, and it obviously meant a lot to Marek and her husband.

They allowed people from the church they attended to come by and pray at the statue, as well as neighbors and friends; and while she can't believe someone would actually take the statue, she says there's only one scenario that makes any sense to her.

"I honestly, in my heart, have to believe that somebody went by and said, 'My grandma prays to her everyday. I want to give her to my grandma for Christmas.'" Marek said. "That's the only way I can justify it, and say it's okay, if she's going to sit in some grandma's yard. That's okay. It's not right, but that's okay."

Marek says that, not only is she surprised that someone stole the statue, but also that they did it without causing any damage to the yard, and without making any noise.

If you have any information, please call the Rockport Police Department at 361-729-1111.


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