Scrapdaddy's Metal in Motion Exhibit at Beeville Art Museum

A unique art exhibit, Scrapdaddy's Metal in Motion, is on display in Beeville, and it is attracting and intriguing lots of new visitors.

Mark David "Scrapdaddy" Bradford's metal creations are displayed both inside and outside of the Beeville Art Museum. The pieces incorporate all sorts of different materials, from copper to axes.

"They're just absolutely amazed when they look at the pieces," said Crystal Farris, education director of the Beeville Art Museum. "They can't believe that these big pieces of sculpture, a lot of them are driveable and moveable, and do different things like spit fire, or legs and arms move or they walk. They're just absolutely amazed and think it's incredible."

As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure; and that's certainly the case for Scrapdaddy.

"He goes to different scrap yards in Houston, gathers materials, then he comes in with an idea. He'll sketch it, then he'll make basically the skeleton of the piece that he wants to create, do all the mechanics to make it move, and then the last would be to put the ornamentation on it," Farris said. "Most of his pieces will have a trademark, which is this heart here, and he puts it on them because he wants his pieces to be alive and to have a heart, and that also has to do with giving it motion and making it come to life."

Farris said the exhibit is unlike any other they have ever had, and that is important, because the goal of the non-profit education museum is to expose the community to all kinds of different art.

The exhibition will remain open to the public through May 3, and admission is free.


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