Shoplifter that Made Headlines Around the World Speaks

Nola Morales, the 27-year old shoplifter caught on camera running from police across busy SPID, was arrested Monday. She posted bail Tuesday, and spoke with 3News.

Morales was seen running from officers after stealing from Academy Sports + Outdoors on Wednesday, Aug. 14. She sprinted through the parking lot and crossed SPID on foot, nearly getting hit by passing vehicles as she made her escape.

"I didn't put much attention to it until I actually saw it, and my fiance pointed out that, you know, 'Well, you almost got hit there, and you almost got hit,'" Morales said. "At the time it didn't look like I almost got hit at all. I was just trying to avoid getting arrested, and either way, I mean, I still got arrested. I got what was coming to me, you know, and I knew my time would eventually come."

Her time did come. On the day of her dangerous escape from police, Kiii-TV's exclusive tower cam captured footage of the 27-year old running across the freeway. That footage ended up going viral.

Then, on Monday, Corpus Christi police issued an arrest warrant for Morales, along with her suspected accomplice, 26-year old Amanda Gonzalez Macias-Chavez. At 5 p.m. that day, Alice police arrested Morales at their local Child Protective Services office.

"All reality, there's a lot of people out there that do what I've done, or do what I do," Morales said. "They just get lucky enough to not be caught on camera, and I wasn't that lucky, I guess. And I'm not praising it, and I'm not saying I should have got away with it. What I did was wrong, and you know, I'm facing the consequences."

When asked if she knew where she was going to go when she decided to make a run for it, Morales said no. She just started running straight.

Morales said this episode in her life has been embarrassing, and she just wants to put it behind her.


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