Sinton ISD Takes Measures to Increase School Security

School security has been on the minds of every parent since the Connecticut school shooting. Many schools have beefed up security as a result of the tragedy, even here in South Texas.

Kiii News Reporter Jessica James went Live from Sinton with more on what their high school has done to ensure the students are safe.

The changes at Sinton High School allow staff to have better control over traffic flow in and out of the school.

"It's important to be able to control access," Principal Dan Smith said. "Not allowing people on campus who may have a negative agenda without creating a fortress mentality."

"I'm impressed at the proactive stance," a parent said. "Inconvenience to me, but I know our children are safe."

Parents now have a designated spot to drop off and pick up the students. Having only one line for parent pick up has made the wait time a little longer for parents, but they really don't mind because it makes the school safer.

Also starting this week, a security officer has been posted at the gated entrance. No one goes in without a school ID, meaning only students and staff can get through the gates. It is now separate from the bus drop off area.

Another change that affects the entire community is the fact that school officials will shut down the track to the public during school hours. It used to be that anyone could go on campus and use the facilities at any time. Not anymore.

The high school is not the only campus undergoing changes in Sinton. All four campuses will soon have an armed security guard, and each school bus will be equipped with a fingerprinting system to track students.


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