Smart Phone Helps Police Catch a Thief

A Corpus Christi couple managed to help police catch a crook red handed around 1 a.m. Monday, all thanks to a free tracking app they installed on their iPhones.

When Jeri Fletcher went to get her iPhone, she realized something wasn't quite right.

"I opened the car, the phone was missing, and I yelled 'Josh, Josh, Josh!'" Fletcher said.

Her boyfriend, Josh Newton, came out, and the couple found their car had been rummaged through. Someone had also been in their back patio. What they weren't expecting was to see the crook still in their driveway, about to take off on Newton's $1,200 mountain bike.

The crook dropped the bike and ran away, but the man still had Fletcher's iPhone. That's when the couple decided to track him.

"We went to call the cops, and we remembered the iPhone had a built-in app to track other iPhones attached to it."

Josh used that app on his phone to track down his girlfriend's phone and the locate of the suspect, who was on Hoffman Street, just two blocks away from the couple's home on Topeka.

"Police arrived, we handed the officer the phone with tracking app on it," Newton said. "They did an immediate U-turn, tracked him down and caught him breaking into another car."

The officers found the suspect, 34-year old Vincent George Williams, in possession of Fletcher's iPhone and a few other stolen items.

"Technology paid off," Newton said. "It helped to arrest a criminal and we retrieved our property."

A smart couple with a smart phone, and a not so smart criminal who's now in jail.


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