Social Security Checks to be Replaced with Direct Deposit

There is another big issue coming up after the new year that will affect those who receive Social Security checks.

On March 1, the government will stop mailing out Social Security checks. Everyone is being told to sign up for direct deposit through a banking facility.

If you don't, then the government will send you a Direct Express card, and the money that used to be sent to you by check will be on that card for you to use.

The change is expected to save taxpayers about $120 million a year.

"Here in South Texas, we're going to see that problem more than other areas because we have a population that is less educated, less affluent, more transactional in their day-to-day obligations, and there are probably a higher density that do not have a bank account," said Kent Byus, chair of the marketing department at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi's College of Business.

Byus said he believes the whole idea is a great cost-cutting move, but is worried about that some will be taken by surprise by the change.


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