Someone to Know: Baker Middle School Sixth Grader John Chapa

Most children his age enjoy receiving goodies during the Easter holiday, but Baker Middle School sixth grader John Chapa, would rather give back -- while dressed as a panda.

John raised money from his allowance, birthdays and chores, to give out dozens of stuffed animals to deserving children at Gloria Hicks Elementary School before the Easter holiday, all while wearing a panda suit.

"He wanted to buy a mascot outfit because he wanted to help anonymously," said Vicky Chapa, John's mother. "He wanted to help children in need, children who don't have toys. Children who don't have the things we have."

John said he does it simply because he has grown up blessed and has realized the importance in life is spreading joy to others who need it most.

"I feel like the people who do this are going to be the happiest people, and if I'm going to do this while I'm happy, it will make them happy," John said.

John hopes to continue to raise more money for deserving children in the future and says his panda suit is just one way to bring a smile to a child's face.

"It makes them happy, getting a nice deed from someone," John said. "it's going to turn on their day, make them happier for the rest of the day, and they'll remember it for the rest of their life, hopefully."

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