Someone to Know: Joseph Huerta

Joseph Huerta's life was changed after he suffered a very traumatic head injury while skiing almost 16 years ago. The accident left him in a coma for 12 days.

When Huerta woke up, doctors told him that he had fallen off of a 15-foot cliff while skiing in Colorado.

Before his injury, Huerta was a lawyer who worked in his father's law firm; but since the accident, he's focused on recovering from his injury. That's when he discovered that there are not many books dealing with life after suffering severe head trauma.

"When I discovered, when I had my brain injury, there wasn't any book that you can go and take out of the library," Huerta said. "No magazine. No CD, DVD, of some way of knowing what was in store."

So now, Huerta is helping people with brain injuries, like Erica Coronado, who fell down a flight of stairs several years ago.

"I want to be like him, because he does therapy every day," Coronado said. "He can feed himself. He can bathe himself, and I want to be like that too, you know."

"It's so awesome to see him here and for her to respond to him the way that she does," said Jane Graham, Erica's mother.

Not only does he inspire Erica, but Erica's mother said that he was very instrumental in getting a support group off the ground for Erica and others who have suffered similar injuries.


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