Someone to Know: Mr. B at Gloria Hicks Elementary

Students and staff at Gloria Hicks Elementary call him Mr. B, and he is adored and appreciated by all. Edward Bhonenberger said his wife talked him into helping the school with their watchdog program.

"Honestly, I guess I enjoy it. Otherwise I wouldn't be here," Bhonenberger said. "And sometimes I feel guilty when I don't show up."

"Mr. B is here at least three times a year, and he helps out so much. He is a wonderful asset to the school," fifth-grade teacher Gina Diaz said. "When I get here in the morning, he's out directing traffic, directing kids into the building. During the day, he's running errands throughout the school. Wherever he's needed, we know we can count on him."

"Everybody does know he's one of little words," Gloria Hicks Principal Norma Reyna said. "He's more of getting the job done.  He doesn't like a lot of recognition. He doesn't like many pats on the back. He does it for what it is, for being a watchdog to help our kids and supporting our kids."

Mr. B is humbled by the recognition, but appreciates the experience.

"It makes you feel good," Bhonenberger said. "Feels like you accomplished something. Makes the kids feel good. Makes you feel wanted."

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