Someone to Know: Sarita Damaraju of Mission FitPossible

A local high school sophomore is hoping to make sure that Corpus Christi loses its reputation as one of America's fattest cities by spreading her message of physical fitness and healthy living to area youngsters.

15-year old Sarita Damaraju is Someone to Know.

"So we figured that if we wanted to make a change, we had to start with  ourselves and the kids in our age and our generation so that we can make a change for when we get older, so that we all lead healthier lives," Damaraju said.

Damaraju and her friends started a project called "Mission FitPossible." The group goes around to different schools in the district to teach youngsters about the importance of fitness.

"We're mostly targeting elementary school students because that's the age, and when they're at that age, that's when they start making habits for the rest of their lives," Damaraju said. "And it's easier to affect someone while they're still forming their habits then it is once they've already created these habits, and then you have to change them."

The project started off small, but in the past four years, it has expanded dramatically and is now making a major impact. Their main event is a five-mile run that has raised a total of $50,000. That money goes to benefit the physical education programs of Corpus Christi Independent School District campuses.

"I think it's important because, if you don't have health in your life, then you can have so many medical complications and it can restrict you from doing so many things," Damaraju said. "Especially when you grow up, and you just enjoy it, enjoy your life, so much less if you're unhealthy because you have so many restrictions and things that you're unable to do."

Making physical fitness fun and helping others learn about wellness and living healthy, Sarita Damaraju is making a difference, and that's why she's Someone to Know.

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