Someone To Know: Steven Pituch

One local animal lover believes one of the advantages to spending time at the animal shelter is being able to go to the kennels and pet the dogs. At Corpus Christi Animal Care Services, one volunteer is also trying to find these animals a loving home.

Steven Pituch volunteers twice a week at Corpus Christi Animal Care Services, where he says he gets to combine his hobby with a love for animals.

"About 4 years ago, I just had the idea that if I could take a really good photo of a dog or cat, I could get it adopted," said Pituch.

Pituch tested his theory with "For The Love of Strays" and posted the photos on social media sites. The group immediately saw the adoption rate go up. Earlier this year, he set up shop at Animal Care Services.

"When the dog first comes in, they take a snapshot of the dog, but its not very flattering.  You wouldn't want to adopt a dog based on that picture. When we get the dog in here, we try to clean it up. The purpose of the photo is to get the dog adopted," says Pituch.

The avid photographer has a full-time job but says his volunteer work is something he would never want to give up. Two or three animals are saved per week just through the photos.

"When I see a dog that looks wretched here, that's half starved, you can see its ribs, half of its hair is missing, has had a bad life in the streets, I just say 'it's going to take photograph to save that dog's life.' It's doesn't always happen but when it does, it's just a wonderful feeling," says Pituch.

Pituch says they are barely keeping up with the intakes and need more people to take pictures. Call ACS at 361-826-4630 if you are interested in volunteering.


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