Someone to Know: Team Barnyard Founder Mary Meyer-Guzman

Team Barnyard is a group of local volunteers that rescue all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to emus. Mary Meyer-Guzman, the founder and director of the team, has been rescuing animals for 15 years.

"I have been able to help little dogs like this one that needs a home, through the help of my team," Meyer-Guzman said. "We go on rescues. We help out with animal control rescues, any farm animals."

Meyer and her team try to save every animal that they can, whether it's a dog or a chicken, or a turkey, or an emu. Meyer sees the animals as individuals.

"Emus are great. They're almost like little dinosaurs. We love them," Meyer said. "They like human contact. All of the animals do, even you know, the goats and sheep. Know their names, they know each other's names. They're really intelligent, sentient beings, and we want to keep them from suffering if we can, if possible."

Meyer relies on her team, and they rely on her.

"I have found a young generation of rescuers who are absolutely amazing, and they give me hope for the future," Meyer said. "We can call at anytime to rescue anything."

"We're all volunteers, so the way it is, is we come in and what hasn't been done, we help her do," volunteer Kira Dansfiell said. "We help feed the horses, feed the goats, the emus, you know. We help her with the roosters. We help her with everything that she possibly needs help with, just because we all respect her and she helps everybody a lot."

"She's like our mother, almost," volunteer Heather Soto said. "She guides us all in rescue and shows us the proper thing to do, and basically if she calls us and she needs us, we all jump up and go. That's what Team Barnyard does."

"We met because my dog got loose, and they helped me get my dog back. She had been missing for three years," volunteer Erin Fye said. "So we all got together, they got her back for me, and then I started coming over here to help because what she does is amazing."

That is why Mary Meyer-Guzman is Someone to Know.

If you know of any animals that need to be rescued, you can call Team Barnyard at 361-960-9170.

If you would like to introduce us to Someone to Know, send us an email with your name and phone number to


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