Students Help Five-Year Old's Cancer Awareness Foundation

King High School is going gold, all in an effort to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

On Wednesday, students and faculty formed a human ribbon and posed for a picture with a little girl who has dedicated her life to helping other children just like her.

Brooke Hester is just five years old. She is a remarkable child from Kingsville who suffers from cancer, but that isn't stopping her from helping others.

Students filtered into the gym at King High School, all in an effort to show their support for Hester. The pint-sized cheerleader hands out blossoms everywhere she goes. The goal is to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

"It's for children whose hair fell out, and children who get sad," Hester said.

Hester has battled cancer since 2010, when she was diagnosed with stage-four neuroblastoma. She wore a blossom headband on her head due to chemotherapy, and now she's helping other children just like her through her foundation called Brooke's Blossoms & Buddies.

Her blossoms have been sent worldwide to 18 different countries. The blossoms are created by volunteers and funded with donations, and her generosity continues to inspire others.

"It's the thought of doing something for this little girl over here," high school senior Ryan Carlisle said. "She's got cancer, and were raising money for that."

That's where King High School students are stepping up to help. In recognition of Child Cancer Awareness Month, student organizations sold shirts, gold ribbons and blossom pens. All of the proceeds will benefit Brooke's Blossoms.

"She feeds on the energy of the young people who are doing good for others," said Jessica Hester, Brooke's mother. "She knows exactly what they are doing, and how much this means to her and so many other children."

Wearing special t-shirts, students and faculty formed a cancer ribbon for a photo shoot, helping to add a little sunshine to children fighting cancer around the world, one blossom at a time.

If you would like to find out more about Brooke's foundation, visit


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