Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Affirmative Action Case

The U.S. Supreme Court began heard arguments Wednesday on the issue of using racial preferences in college admissions.

At issue was a case of a white woman who claims the University of Texas chose not to admit her because of her race. Abigail Fisher claims it violated her equal protection rights, but the University said that using race as a factor is the only way to keep the student body diverse, and ensure minority representation on campus.

Nine years ago, the supreme court approved that policy; but since then, the court has become increasingly conservative.

"There is not a business or a school in the country that, if they needed ten new employees and said, 'let's take resumes,' got 500 resumes and then just said go take the top 10 grade point averages, that's who we'll select," UT President Bill Powers said. "No interest in, do you have experience in the field? Do you have leadership? No one would say that's the only way we could choose our students."

A ruling is not expected until early next year.


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