Swarm of Bees Terrorize Salem Drive Residents, Pets

It has happened to people mowing lawns or working in yards, but on Monday bees attacked several dogs and their owners in one neighborhood for no apparent reason.

It happened around mid-morning on the 900 block of Salem. Dog owner Jaime Naranjo said he heard dogs crying, and when he went outside to check it out, there was a swarm of bees attacking his pets.

Jaime ran to the closest water hose he could find, but by then he too became the target of the swarm.

"Some bees started attacking me, and I just came back inside," Naranjo said. "I tried going back out and tried to wash them down again, and they started attacking me again."

Jaime's dogs weren't the only ones attacked. Just next door, two other dogs fell victim to the bees, as did their owner.

And it could all happen again.

The bees have taken up in the eve of the neighbor's home, which is private property. Because of that, the City's Vector Control cannot remove the bees, and the owner has to call a private service, but can't.

"I can't afford to hire a private company and we need help," said Dawn Buchhorn, Naranjo's neighbor. "And where do we get help?"

Buchhorn has lived in her home in the 900 block of Salem for about nine months, and she said she was attacked around mid-morning.

"They were all in my hair," Buchhorn said. "They bit me on my face, my head, my legs. The back of my head, my neck."

Imagine the pain of the stingers, but even more terrifying is that, because the bees are on private property, the City can't remove them.

It is quite the dilemma, since the bees know no boundaries.

"A hive is in the back of the house, and somehow the bees got activated," said Tony Pantoja of the City's Vector Control. "Somehow. I don't know how. They got real aggressive and they started attacking people."

"It's so bad, I mean, it's so intense," Buchhorn said. "We feel trapped in here, because they're completely surrounding the house."


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