TAMUCC Students Victims in Series of Burglaries

Several students at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi are now the victims of a series of burglaries that happened in one night on their campus.

However, campus police do not believe the culprit came from off campus.

Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns went Live from TAMUCC with the details.

Students are concerned now that they have to worry about their possessions being stolen.

The burglaries all happened at the Camden Manor residence halls between late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Thieves took DVDs, gaming systems and laptop computers.

Campus police have not made any arrests, but they do not believe they are looking for anyone from off campus.

"I think it's sad that people have to worry about their stuff getting stolen, and it's kind of scary thinking that there's people going in other people's rooms and stuff," student Haley Duffin said.

Duffin said that she has already been a victim of campus thieves.

"My kayak was stolen. They cut the chains. We had it locked in the bed of my boyfriend's truck. They cut the chains and stole it right out of my boyfriend's truck," Duffin said. "We found it on campus. A student had it in his apartment, and we saw it and we were like, wow, that's my kayak. And so we called the Campus P.D., we got the VIN number and they got it back for us."

Campus police want all students to be extra careful and make sure that their name is engraved on all their belongings. They added that security is already very tight. Not only are all entrances monitored, but there are double locks before anyone can even reach the residences.

So until someone is caught, students will have to stay on their toes.


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