TAMUCC Working with Company to Recycle Fracking Water

Fracking is a big business in South Texas, and research is being done at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi to help make the process more environmentally friendly.

The University is working with a company called Arana Water Technologies to build a clean water system. In the fracking process, water is used to coax natural gas out of shale rock, and with water being such a valuable resource, TAMUCC and Arana are working on a system to recycle the water used in the fracking process.

"It does a good job. It totally sterilizes the water. No microorganism can survive exposure to this process," Arana President Jeff Soward said. "It attacks the microorganism at the cellular level, so they can't build up a chemical resistance. It also is a beautiful pretreatment process for desalination."

The system is still in the testing process, but they hope to have it available for commercial use in the very near future.


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