TAMUK Professor Says Super Bowl Correlates with Stock Market

According to one professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, there is a relationship between the New York Stock Exchange and the Super Bowl.

That professor says he can prove that there is a correlation between who wins the Super Bowl, and whether the stock market goes up or down.

Dr. Thomas Krueger has been researching the so-called Super Bowl Stock Market Predictor for decades. According to his research, the basic rule is this: if a team from the old American Football League, which is before 1970, wins the Super Bowl, the stock market will decline during the coming year. However, if a team from the old National Football League wins, which is before 1990, then the stock market will end the year on a higher note.

Krueger said that, over the past seven years, the predictor has only been wrong one time, in 2008, when the New York Giants took the title and the country was in a financial crisis.

"Six out of seven times in the last seven years is pretty good," Krueger said. "If you had a broker that would give you the right selection, telling you at least whether you should be in stocks or bonds, and they were right sex out of seven times, you'd probably be pretty happy."

The research from this study was originally published in the prestigious Journal of Finance in 1990. In that year, using data from Super Bowls from 1967-88, the Super Bowl Stock Market Predictor was correct 91-percent of the time. Since some of the teams changed cities or conferences when the National Football League was created, the predictor uses the pre-1990 divisions.

The professor said, since this year both of the teams in the Super Bowl are from the original NFL, it doesn't matter who wins. The stock market will rise. We will have to wait and see if that prediction holds true.


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