Teammates of Cameron Espinosa Gather at Funeral Services

Family and friends gathered to say goodbye to 13-year old Cameron Espinosa, who passed away Monday after having suffered an allergic reaction to fire ant bites last week.

Funeral services were held for the 13-year old Haas Middle School football player Thursday at the Corpus Christi Cathedral. His friends and teammates were there to pay respects and remember him.

Espinosa was bitten by fire ants during a Haas Middle School football game last Wednesday, causing him to suffer an allergic reaction. He was taken to Driscoll Children's Hospital in critical condition, and had to be placed under a medically-induced coma to reduce swelling in his brain. He passed away early Monday morning.

His teammates lined up outside of the Corpus Christi Cathedral as the funeral began Thursday, many of them eager to share their thoughts about the friend for whom they were there to mourn and remember.

"We always had a lot of good times together. Always laughed," teammate Atalex Botello said. "He always made fun of me. I miss him a lot."

"Last thing he told me, 'See you next season, bro,'" teammate Christian Lopez said. "I really miss him a lot."

"He'll always be remembered in my heart and, you know, I'll never forget him or nothing," teammate Elishia Flowers said. "I'm just glad all these kids can show their dedication to Cameron by coming out today."

His teammates stood shoulder to shoulder as the flag-draped casket was rolled through the aisle at the Corpus Christi Cathedral. Some reached out to touch the casket -- a moment of tenderness and finality.

Espinosa's teammates from Haas Middle School wore their jerseys in tribute to him, and also among those in attendance were some members of the Hamlin Middle School football team, who were on the field on the day of the tragic accident.

Espinosa's family hired  local Attorney Thomas J. Henry last week, before the 13-year old passed away. Henry said that they want answers, for all parents.


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