Ten Puppies Found Outside Cunningham Middle School

A box of puppies was left outside of a local middle school Thursday morning, and a local animal rescue group sprung into action to try and find them new homes.

Guardian of Mizfit Furr Babies is an organization that just recently set up shop in the Coastal Bend, and when members heard about the pups, they took action.

One of their members had a female dog nursing her own puppies, so they placed seven of the abandoned puppies with her temporarily so that the pups could nurse.

Meanwhile, the group is actively looking for foster homes for the pups.

The puppies were found Thursday morning at Cunningham Middle School, and someone posted on Facebook about the discovery.

"We found out about it on Facebook, and we went and rescued them," said Belinda Chambers of Guardians of Mizfit Furr Babies. "We couldn't leave them there or be taken to Animal Control. I wish people would spay and neuter their animals, and we wouldn't have this problem."

The rescue group has only been around for a month. They all met on Facebook and decided to try and help with the stray animal problem. They are looking to find new homes for them.

Their best advice is to use Facebook to try and find the owner, or to find someone who will take them in. They would like to eventually set up a kennels to handle the animals.

Eleanor, a Labrador mix, had her own pups and is now caring for seven of the little guys as well.

The group says that if you would like to adopt one of the pups, you can contact them at mizfitfurrbabies@aol.com. Also, For the Love of Strays is another organization that has taken in three of the ten puppies found on Thursday. They have a Facebook and Website listed under their name.


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