Texas Baptist General Convention Held at American Bank Center

Baptists from across the state have flocked to Corpus Christi this week, where they have set up shop inside the American Bank Center for their annual convention.

The organizations said it is not trying to rally the troops for a get-out-and-vote effort or anything like that.

Inside the convention center, the Texas Baptist General Convention is filled with all kinds of booths. Some focus on immigration issues, like the trafficking of children, while others showcased missionary work or what some of the religious college's have to offer.

A couple of years ago, the Southern Baptists of Texas held their convention there at the American Bank Center. Some of the topics they looked at were a bit more controversial, like the death penalty, stem cell research, abortion and marriage. These Baptists say they are focusing on their religion.

"Baptists are an independent lot, and so each convention is sort of a stand alone thing," said Steve Vernon, associate executive director for Baptist General Convention of Texas. "We do relate. Many relate to the southern, so we're sort of a network of churches more than any kind of hierarchy."

The General Convention hopes to attract a total of 1,200 people this year. The convention ends on Halloween with a breakfast sendoff.


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