The Cost in Fines Had Littering, Illegally Dumping Violators Been Caught

Thanks to staff and volunteers from the Texas State Aquarium, Packery Channel Park got a nice makeover on Friday; but just how much money could the City have made in fines had they caught all those who littered?

The teens, who have cleaned up North Beach in the past, decided to clean up a more remote location. When they got to Packery Channel Park, they found all kinds of trash and debris, and even illegally dumped tires, mattresses and a box spring.

Corpus Christi police say that if you are caught littering on the beach, you will get a ticket that could cost up to $500. If you're caught dumping a mattress or tire illegally, that fine could go up to $2,000, and could even include 180 days in jail.

The beach clean-up resulted in 25 bags of debris, five abandoned tires, two mattresses and a box spring. For every five tires, each fine added up, the City could have made $10,000 off of fines had the violators been caught.

For the mattresses and the box spring together -- $6,000.

For the 25 trash bags, estimated 10 pounds a piece, the fines could add up to $50,000.

If you see somebody illegally dumping, call the Corpus Christi Police Department's non-emergency number. It's 361-886-2600.


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