The Fate of Seized 8-Liner Game Room Machines in Beeville

Ever wonder what happens to all of those 8-liner game room machines after they are seized by authorities?

Kiii News Reporter Mike DaSilva visited with the Beeville Chief of Police, who explained what the police department is doing with the machines that it has seized.

The Beeville Police Department says they currently have 72 machines from game rooms they have raided that were making cash payouts. They're being stored in an undisclosed location. They are in the process of putting the machines up for auction.

Chief Joe Trevino said there is a company that went to take pictures of the machines and plugged them in to make sure they worked properly. They will be putting them on the internet to auction them off.

"They can only be sold to dealers," Trevino said. "The average person cannot even bid on these, and one the dealers actually buy them, they have to remove them from the state of Texas and take them to other states that do allow gambling. Louisiana, Las Vegas, somewhere other than Texas. Or maybe even an Indian casino. Some place that does it legally."

Trevino said that people that were using the machines were gambling, which is against the law. He said he wants to send the message out to the public that, if you are running a game room in Beeville and making cash payouts, the police will be investigating you.


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