The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Broadcast Television

You may have heard about different companies beginning to try and implement the use of drones into their businesses, whether it be flying a movie to your doorstep or delivering a product you purchased on the Internet through the air to your front door.

3News Meteorologist Alan Holt spent some time learning about drones and joined us Live outside the Kiii-TV studios with the details.

A drone in its simplest definition is an unmanned aerial vehicle controlled by a pilot on the ground. 3News Creative Specialist Hector Zertuche is ahead of the curve when it comes to the use of drones for television. He has attached a camera to one, and it captures some incredible footage.

"You have a GoPro camera on the bottom, that's hanging on the bottom of the Phantom on a two-axis gimble, which keeps the camera level on the X-Y axis," Zertuche said. "It's useful to get perspectives that otherwise would be very difficult, or having to actually get a helicopter. You can see how high it is actually going at the moment. You could actually look over probably a couple of miles. The thing goes extremely high."

You have probably already seen some of the awesome footage captured by the drone that 3News used on air.

"We did the Friday Night Sports Blitz promotion video for Kiii, where we did a fly through Cabaniss Field," Zertuche said. "There was actually no one there and we flew through the goalpost, and we flew around the bleachers and it was pretty fun."

A natural question that arises, aside from how high the drone goes, is what if you lose track of the drone while you're flying it?

"The great thing about this is that it has GPS, so it knows where it is and if there's any problems, connections, it actually flies itself back and lands pretty close to where it actually took off," Zertuche said. "It's a huge advantage and a minimal risk factor."

The way we use and intake media is constantly evolving. Implementing the latest and greatest tools is something we are doing at Kiii-TV.

"Adapt to the times," Zertuche said. "I think it's a great idea."


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