Thieves Make Off with Landscaper's Equipment

A local landscaper said he stumbled on some thieves trying to steal his equipment on Monday. He tried to stop them but they managed to get away.

Octavio Dela Rosa was working for one of his usual landscaping customers just after 5 p.m. on the 200 block of Alta Plaza, when thieves pulled up to the driveway and loaded up his weed eater. They didn't even know that he was kneeling just a few steps away.

"When I looked up, I saw he had the weed eater in his hand, and that's when he threw it inside the car," Dela Rosa said.

He said thieves have stolen his equipment before, and it has cost him a lot to replace. This time he was determined not to let them get away.

"I wasn't able to grab him, so I jumped on the car," Dela Rosa said.

The man was on the hood of the car banging on the window, trying to get the thieves to stop.

"They were swerving like crazy, trying to get him off and shake him off it," said Jana Pinson, a neighbor. "I was afraid they were going to run into our cars."

The men rammed into a barricade, but despite that, Dela Rosa remained on the hood. He finally jumped off when they tried to hit him with a wrench.

"He came walking around and he was just really shaken, and he kind of collapsed in the middle of the street," Pinson said.

Neighbors said they are grateful no one was hurt. They are now hopeful that police can catch the thieves.

"It's really sad that he works hard for his equipment, for someone to dive by and steal his equipment while he is working is really sad," said Michael Truckey, a neighbor.

"I was really scared, but at the same time, I had the courage to confront them," Dela Rosa said.

The truck is believed to be a red Ford, and will probably have some damage to the front end. If you have any information about this crime, please notify police.


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