Thieves Rob Beachside Market Clerk at Knife Point

Surveillance cameras caught two crooks on tape, robbing a North Beach convenience store clerk at knife point.

Multiple cameras caught the bad guys early Tuesday morning as they prepared to enter the Beachside Market.

The tapes show one of the two robbers going inside the store and looking around. He then heads to the register to apparently pay. Meanwhile, his partner in crime is crouching down outside of the store and getting ready to make his appearance.

With his face covered, he runs into the store and then jumps on the counter and onto the surprised clerk. The bandits then start pulling out dozens of lottery scratch off games. They also force the clerk at knife point to give them several hundred dollars in cash from the register.

Finally, they took the clerk's wallet, which had nearly a thousand dollars inside of it.

"To be honest, they really roughed up our night guy," store clerk Rachel Fraticelli said. "I'm just hoping that anybody that knows these people or may kind of have little tips would bring it in and have them captured hopefully. I mean, it's not right for them to do that."

The two robbers did get away, and are described as black males, both of average height, one weighing 160 pounds the other around 200 pounds.

The store clerk was okay and was able to call 911 for help.

Authorities are hoping someone out there recognizes the men in the video and will turn them in. If you have any information regarding the robbery, call Crime Stoppers at 361-888-8477.


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