Three Dead Dogs Found Dumped Behind Local Business

A concerned resident made a gruesome discovery Tuesday morning when they found three dead dogs begin a store near the intersection of Gollihar and Kostoryz. Homeowners in the area expressed shock to 3News that someone would dispose of animals in such a way.

"Three animals dead at the same time. Someone dumped them there. It has to be checked into," resident Mary Prenson said.

Animal Care Services officers took pictures of the dogs and checked to see if the animals had been microchipped before taking the bodies away. There were no apparent signs of animal cruelty, but the City's veterinarian will do a necropsy to find out what caused the animals to die.

In the meantime, residents are concerned that the area around the building is being used for illegal dumping.

"They been dumping a lot of things there, like dead crabs and dead fish," resident Joseph Valenzuela said. "I find it very sickening. You can smell it."

According to the City's Solid Waste Department, it is common for people to deposit waste behind businesses. If the waste is dumped on private property, it's not the City's responsibility to clean it up; but if you are caught red-handed dumping trash, you could get a citation or even get arrested.

If you have any information regarding the three dead dogs that were dumped in that area, please contact police.


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