Three Local Vietnam Veterans Gather to Reflect, Give Thanks

We celebrate anniversaries for weddings, special occasions and other life altering events, but for three Corpus Christi men who have been life-long friends, they gather every few years to remember a very special week in their lives.

They are all Vietnam vets, and they were all wounded during this very week in 1968.

Ram Chavez, David Castro and Robert Callejo all share one week in common in their lives. Between May 6-8, 1968, all three were wounded in Vietnam.

On Tuesday, they gathered for lunch to reflect and share their life-long friendship.

"We get together like every five years, and kind of just remember the difference between coming home and not coming home. And also those that were around us and didn't come home, and those that are still missing," Chavez said. "So it kind of gives us a chance to give thanks that we made it back."

That week in May during the war, the three men were nowhere near each other.

"We were all spread out. I was in the south. David was kind of north-middle, and Robert was in north Vietnam," Chavez said.

"Everybody joined around the same time, but we didn't plan it this way. We just joined. We got wounded and we didn't even know where we were," Castro said. "We were just in north Vietnam and we were fighting for our country, but we didn't expect anything like this to happen to us."

The amazing part of the trio's story is that neither would discover that they had all been wounded on the same week, in the same month and the same year until 1992, 24 years later.

It was a memorable reunion that allows these three Corpus Christi friends to share in that most difficult time in their lives, but also to reflect on those who never made it back.


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