Trash Problem along the Bayfront

This weekend we saw some much needed rain, but that rain brought another problem with it for some residents. We had several calls and facebook messages from people who live along the bayfront. They say they are fed up about the trash flushed from the city's storm drains.

One resident who declined to go on camera, says he saw the trash come out of a drainpipe and right into the bay early Sunday morning. As our cameras captured, the shoreline is covered with cups and plastic bottles.

Andria Thompson said, "It's really nasty. You know, these are really nice places to live right by the water. And like you can come out here in the middle of the night and it's just like...obviously, nobody cleans it up because it just keeps getting worse and worse everyday."

It was just last week we told you about a meeting that was held to address the pollution concerns in our bay. The runoff contributes to high bacteria levels and an eyesore that impacts the economy.


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