Troubadour, TX Musicians Take Over the Kiii-TV Studios

A group of Texas musicians that are part of a series aired on Kiii-TV 3 called Troubadour, TX took over the Kiii-TV studios on Tuesday morning.

They performed a few songs, which helped to break up the morning editorial meeting a bit early, and then one surprised us with his weathercasting skills.

"In Rockport, we have visibility up to two miles," said singer-songwriter Matt Caldwell, trying his hand at weather forecasting. It might be a career he could fall back on if the music thing doesn't work out, but so far, everything is falling into place.

Caldwell is one of the stars of the Troubadour, TX television program. It's a reality series on the Texas music scene, which airs at 9:30 a.m. Sundays on Kiii-TV 3.

"Baby, would you take a ride with me?"

That was Zane Williams and Josh Grider, who have over a dozen CDs released between them. The two Texas country artists are also featured on the show.

"Obviously we're getting the exposure that we couldn't get without a show like Troubadour, TX," Caldwell said. "It definitely helps us as a launching platform, so to speak."

The three men have been on a Troubadour, TX tour for the past two weeks. They are hitting radio and television stations in an effort to get the word out about the reality show.

"Music has been all of our lives for at least the better part of a decade, if not more, but that's what Texas can afford you, is this opportunity to survive as a middle class musician while even making your own records and making your own music, and that's really what the Troubadour, TX show is about," Grider said. "It's sort of shining a light on, 'Hey, not everybody may have heard of this guy, but he's been down here making records.'"

Zane Williams' eighth record comes out in April. He thinks this tour is a great way to get his name out there, and another opportunity to simply play his music.

"There's always a financial motivation, but I definitely think, for me, any night that I'm just on stage with a guitar in my hand, singing my songs for folks, is a good night," Williams said.

After a few pictures with Kiii News Meteorologist Kristin Diaz, it was time for the guys to hit the road again.

If you would like to see these guys in person, you can do so at 7 p.m. Tuesday. They are giving a free concert for everyone who shows up to Brewster Street Icehouse.

And, of course, there will probably be a camera shooting video for the Troubadour, TX series, so who knows? You might get on TV.


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