Tuloso-Midway Students Hold Rally for Student with Cancer

Students at Tuloso-Midway are rallying around one of their own who is battling cancer.

On Thursday, the school's basketball team held a pep rally to help their teammate fulfill his dream of meeting his favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

With signs in hand, and sporting the number 32 on their shirts, Tuloso-Midway students, friends and family came together to rally for basketball player Chris Gelinas, a fighting Warrior on the court, now in a battle of his own.

"Epithelioid sarcoma is a rare form of cancer," his sister, Marlena Lopez, said. "He got diagnosed in 2009."

Struggling for the last four years, Gelinas has found comfort in the continued support from his best friends and fellow teammates.

"We love you, Chris. We are going to do anything to make you happy," his best friend Christian Davila said. "Love you, bro."

It is that support that has the community coming together to help try to fulfill one of Chris' wishes: to meet his favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

"Oh yeah, the idol. You say one bad word about the Lakers, he's on your tail," Davila said. "I'm a Lakers fan at his house."

Right now, Gelinas is homebound, unable to be around others because his treatment has weakened his immune system. To boost his spirit, his family came up with a plan and reached out online.

"His dad posted a picture saying he wanted to contact Kobe, so I screenshot it, made a Facebook page, and it went crazy," Lopez said.

To their surprise, the campaign has exploded, spreading like wildfire with Retweets and Likes. Students even came together for the pep rally to try and make his dream come true.

"We finally figured out a way to use social media as an amazing thing, and we're all out here making a difference," supporter Laura Garcia said. "And we're using everything we can to do that. So Kobe Bryant, if you are out there watching this, come meet Chris."

And as their efforts continue, they just want Chris to know they are there for him every step of the way.

You can get involved in the campaign and check out the Facebook page that began it all, by clicking here.


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