UFO Sightings on the Rise near the Eagle Ford Shale

(KSAT) - Some strange lights in the sky have workers out near the Eagle Ford Shale oil field asking, are we alone, or is there something else out there?

Reporter David Sears with our ABC affiliate in San Antonio takes a closer look.

Videos from oil workers and eyewitness accounts from ranchers beg the question: Are we alone?

It seems like UFO sightings are occurring more frequently over the Eagle Ford Shale. Some can be explained, but some sightings cannot.

"About 10-percent of them, those are the ones that will make your eyes roll around and around in your head," said David MacDonald, executive director of the Mutual UFO Network. "We can't figure it out."

"They started blinking," said Penny Farrell, a South Texas rancher. "One, two, three, like bing bing bing bing bing bing."

Farrell and her husband, Jerry, saw those lights just above the horizon from the back porch of their South Texas ranch last November. There were no pictures; just memories.

"All at once, they went back over here to this tree, but they were a little higher," Farrell said.

After several minutes of back and forth and blinking, they took off.

"And when it shot up into the heavens, it was just like a blink of an eye. Boom. It was up there," Farrell said. "If you were here and saw it like we saw it, sat here and marveled over what was happing up there in the sky, then you would say that's a UFO."


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