Update: 5 Workers Arrested During Banquete Game Room Bust

Another game room bust, this one happening in Banquete late Friday night.

The Nueces County Sheriff's Office raided two game rooms and both of them were packed with players. The sheriff's office had under cover officers look into two game rooms, one in Banquete and the other just south of Robstown.

Not only is it alleged that the game room paying out money, but the game room in Banquete was also a fire trap since there was only one way in and one way out.

The Banquete game room had been raided before.

The sheriff's office is now working with the district attorney in order to seize the building and all of the slot machines inside.

One thing the sheriff wants everyone to know is that these game rooms are not regulated by any gaming commission like they are in Las Vegas..

Sheriff Jim Kaelin said, the pay out is not good with the odds about 95 to 5. Sometimes he says, they even plant people who are fake who pretend to win.

Sheriff Jim Kaelin told 3 News, "There is no regulation here and these poor people and you might as well stick a gun to their head because someone is robbing them and that's not true."

Sheriff deputies arrested 5 workers Joane Garcia, Stephanie Silva, Marcos Rosas, Raquel Hernandez, and Homer Trevino.

A total of 155 slot machines were taken.


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