What if Hurricane Sandy Had Struck the Coastal Bend?

If Hurricane Sandy had hit Corpus Christi, what areas of the City would be able to withstand the massive storm surge?

The Corpus Christi Bayfront would have generally been safe from the storm surge due to the seawall, and the simple higher elevation of the area. But other parts of the city and Padre Island wouldn't have been so lucky, according to one weather expert.

Jason Runyen is a senior forecaster for the National Weather Service. He showed Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson the City's flood plain map, showing where various areas would end up seeing water and how much would have hit in those neighborhoods.

The good news for the north and west sides of town is that the elevation is high enough where flooding wouldn't be a real problem. It's on the southside of town and the Island where the waters would rise from a Sandy-like storm surge, of up to 13 feet.

Runyen said the Island would end up seeing 3-9 feet of water, and depending on the wave action, parts of the JFK Causeway could be taken out as well.

The southside of town in many areas would see 3-5 feet of water. Most of that bad flooding would likely take place along Oso Creek and other bodies of water on that side of town.

Runyen said the key thing for people to know is the elevation of their home.

"They need to know their elevation where they live in Corpus Christi, so that when they're watching the news of Sandy coming towards us, and we're forecasting 10-13 feet of storm surge, what does that mean to me?" Runyen said. "I need to know my elevation."


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