Wilson Elementary Parents Concerned About Speeders

Parents said that drivers have been disregarding the 15 mile per hour speed limit in the school zone at Wilson Elementary, and that there have been a few close calls.

The school is on Fort Worth Street, which is a pretty busy are in mornings and afternoons. That was the case Wednesday morning.

"He's come close four times to being hit," said Michelle Snapp, a parent whose student goes to Wilson Elementary. "There's no way I'll leave him out here by himself. It's too scary. Everyday there are speeders. There are irate parents who come through here."

The school has something they call a safety patrol in place. It is made up of students. Some depend on the safety patrol to make it safely to school. The guards are made up of fifth-grade boys and girls who volunteer to show up there 30 minutes before and after school.

"It's not that hard," Coronado said. "It's pretty fun, and it's a real easy job, and I love helping people so I applied for this job."

Fifth-grade teacher Kerry Williams is now in charge of the crossing guard program, after city budget cuts eliminated the job of the paid crossing guard who used to be there.

"I feel like everybody is in a hurry to get to work, and we all want the kids to be safe," Williams said. "One of my big objectives is to not only cross the children safely, but to make sure the patrollers stay safe."

"It is kind of dangerous because there's a lot of speeders, and they just don't care about us," fifth-grader Ariel Garcia said. "We go out and they just honk at us and they just don't stop."

Parents agree that drivers coming through here aren't always kid-friendly.

"They do pretty good with what they have to work with," said Trey Spencer. "They really do, because I drop my nieces off everyday, so I try to sometimes stand here too if I'm on this side letting my nieces cross. I'll try to help stop as they go on, but yeah, this is kind of bad over here. It's like they don't know it's a school zone or something."

Despite that, Williams and the safety patrol will be out there in an effort to keep everyone safe.


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