Woman Offers Hefty Reward for Lost Cat

What some folks are willing to do to find a missing pet often demonstrates just how important that pet is to them.

One lady in Flour Bluff has just put up an extraordinary reward to get her cat back.

In the case of Anna Kristine Sartain, the loss of her missing Persian cat, Max, has been devastating. So much so that she's put up a very enticing reward to the person who finds him and brings him back to her safe and sound.

"I'm offering a $1,500 reward to anybody that can bring him home to me or give me any information leading to him," Sartain said.

Sartain last saw Max on June 6, and not a sign of him since. She's plastered her neighborhood with signs, so many that the City ordered her to take them down or be fined. She's put up pictures of Max at area stores. She even placed a want ad in the newspaper offering $1,500 for the safe return of her beloved cat.

A little extreme, she knows, but that's how much this 12-year old Persian means to her.
"It's not the money, it's I just lost my best friend and I want him back, and I miss him terribly," Sartain said. "So that amount of money doesn't matter. It's getting my friend back and my lost love there."

In order to weed out prank callers, Sartain has set up her voicemail for this report.

If you have any idea where she can locate Max, her number is 361-215-8992.


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