Woman Run off the Road and Shot at by Suspect

A woman is allegedly run off the road and shot by a man. Good Samaritans came to her rescue. A 2-year-old baby girl was caught in the middle of the chaos.

It happened at Highway 286 and way out Weber Road right across from Bay Area Fellowship Church. Witnesses say a man in his vehicle rammed the Nissan Sentra from the rear causing the Nissan to spin around, knock over a sign and end up in the ditch.

Johnny Payne, good Samaritan, says,"When we were at the red light, we witnessed the car actually tail end the Nissan here and she spun once, hit the ditch, from there she jumped out of her car and sprinted to another car that had pulled over to check, to see what had happened."

Police say the man had fired three shots at the Nissan, one of them hitting the trunk. The man that had reportedly been shooting at the woman , tried to remove her from the vehicle of a good Samaritan.

"She had got out of her car and ran straight for that charger, there's actually scuff marks over here on the ground, where he had pulled his car next to it and was trying to pull her out of the charger. When we pulled up, he took his hands off of her and she sprinted at us. And the black charger was just a good Samaritan or? Yeah, there was a it was 3 Hispanic males in the black charger, and they were just being good Samaritans. They were actually in the lane behind her has he knocked her off the road so we saw it from the front, they saw it from behind."

Authorities did not have much to say on scene as they were still investigating what had just taken place. They did say the suspect had been apprehended. He is facing a charge of assault.

"Did he in fact fire shots at the vehicle? As of right now that's what we're being told. That's all I can tell you right now. Okay but the girl is okay. So he was apprehended somewhere else with the child in the car? But the child is okay. Yes sir."

The 2-year-old girl that was in the suspect's car as shots were fired and as the vehicle rammed the Nissan from behind is okay.


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