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Health Beat: Child Smoking Exposure Test, Car Seats

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Child Smoking Exposure Test
It takes a gamut of tests to make sure your baby is hitting all those milestones from their first word, to their first step. And a new study finds that parents would not mind another test for their child: A smoking exposure test.

A survey of nearly 500 parents, both smokers and non-smokers, finds 60% support the idea of testing their child's exposure to second-hand smoke. Researchers say such testing could encourage family members to quit and promote smoke-free homes and cars.

Car Seat Guidelines
There are some new advice out today on how you should protect your kids while you are behind the wheel.
The American Academy of Pediatrics is advising parents to put their children in a rear-facing car seat until age two and to use a booster until at least age eight, or when your child stands taller than four feet nine.

There are also new recommendations for older kids to not move to the front seat of the car until at least 5 feet tall or 13 years old. A 2007 study finds children under the age of two are 75% less likely to die or be severely injured in a crash if they are riding rear-facing.