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Waiting for the 7 Millionth Human; Food Ministry Can't Make It; "Courageous" Making Millions; Church Sued over Death; 1,400 Year Old Christian Icon Found in Jerusalem

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Researcher: Population milestone no cause for alarm

FRONT ROYAL, Va. (AP) - The UN estimates that the world's

population is climbing past seven billion for the first time today.

But instead of sounding the alarm, Steven Mosher,

president of the Population Research Institute says, "I think we

ought to light a candle on a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday

to baby seven billion."

Mosher notes that the Bible calls children "a blessing from the

Lord," and he's the father of nine.

While poverty creates challenges, Mosher says people on average

are living longer and healthier lives than ever.

Rather than seeing people as mere consumers of the Earth's

resources, he says "every stomach comes with two hands attached,

and every mouth is backed by a creative intelligence" that can

leave the world a better place.





Poor feeling pinch after food ministry closes

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) - The closing of a charity that provided the

needy with discounted groceries for 17 years is leaving many who

counted on its services digging deeper into their pockets in order

to eat.

Angel Food Ministries, which served people across the U.S.,

folded in September saying it couldn't keep up with rising food and

fuel costs. At first, the Georgia-based charity said it was

temporarily suspending services. But weeks later it announced it

was closing for good.

The Augusta Chronicle reports that Angel Food's closure is

putting a financial pinch on thousands of families who relied on

the charity, which offered services through 35 churches in the


Some churches have organized their own food pantries to try to

fill the void, while other charities are seeing increases in calls

for help.



Christian film still in top 10

LOS ANGELES (AP) - In its fifth weekend in theaters, the

Christian film "Courageous" is still making millions of dollars

at the box office.

The police drama stressing the importance of fatherhood was the

weekend's tenth most popular film, according to Hollywood


Since its release, "Courageous" has sold more than $27 million

worth of tickets, putting it on track to surpass Sherwood Pictures'

previous box office hit, "Fireproof," which earned $33 million.

The filmmakers based at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga.,

spent an estimated $2 million to make "Courageous," and just

$500,000 to make "Fireproof."



Clinkscale family sues church over death in ring

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - The family of a former University of Tulsa

football player who was killed in an unsanctioned boxing match is

accusing the Oklahoma church that put on the exhibition of


The Tulsa World reports that the family of George Clinkscale III

filed a damages lawsuit against Guts Church of Tulsa seeking

damages in excess of $75,000 plus punitive or exemplary damages.

The 24-year-old Clinkscale, who lived in the Dallas suburb of

Cedar Hill, died after a boxing match on Sept. 21 that was held in

the church's parking lot. He reportedly began cramping during his

match and died later at a hospital.

The suit lists as defendants Guts Church pastors William and

Sandra Scheer and holds them accountable for Clinkscale's death.

Guts Church didn't immediately respond to emails sent requesting




Israeli archaeologists: tiny Christian relic found

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israeli archaeologists say they have found a

tiny, 1,400-year-old token of Christian faith in the excavation of

an ancient road in Jerusalem.

The exquisitely made box of bone, less than one inch square,

with a cross carved on the lid, was likely carried by a Christian

believer around the end of the 6th century A.D.

When its lid is removed, the remains of two portraits are still

visible in gold and paint - a man and a woman, possibly Jesus and


Archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority say the box

is the first well preserved example of its kind and is important

because it shows that icon use was not limited to church ceremonies

in Byzantine times.

Similar icons are still carried today by some Christians from

eastern Orthodox churches.

The relic was found in the City of David excavation, a Jerusalem

dig named for the biblical king.






Bishop says London protesters likely to move on

LONDON (AP) - The Bishop of London says anti-capitalist

demonstrators camped outside the city's iconic St. Paul's Cathedral

have said they'll likely move on.

Both the church and city officials have launched legal action to

seek to clear the scores of tents from a pedestrian square and

footpath outside the cathedral.

London's Anglican Bishop Richard Chartres held talks Sunday with

demonstrators, who were inspired by New York's Occupy Wall Street

movement. He told Sky News television that the protesters said they

wouldn't be there "forever."

St. Paul's Cathedral reopened Friday after being closed for a

week on health and safety grounds, the first time the 300-year-old

church had closed since German planes bombed the city during World

War II.





Pope prays for flood victims

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI says he's praying for the

victims of recent flooding in Thailand and Italy.

Benedict began his greetings to pilgrims in St. Peter's Square

on Sunday by recalling the devastation caused by heavy rains in the

two countries. Thailand's worst flooding in half a century has

claimed 381 lives over the last three months. In Italy, floods and

mudslides last week devastated coastal areas and killed nine


The pope says he wants to express his closeness to people

suffering from the floods and assure them of his prayers.





Dalai Lama: China policy caused monk immolations

TOKYO (AP) - Tibet's exiled Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama,

blames what he calls China's "ruthless policy" for prompting the

recent deaths of Tibetan monks who set themselves on fire in


He called on Beijing to change its approach to ruling over the

Himalayan region. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate spoke during a

weekend trip to Japan to visit victims of this year's devastating


At least nine Tibetans in their late teens and 20s have

self-immolated since March in protest of Chinese rule. Many

Tibetans consider the Dalai Lama as their rightful leader.

Beijing accuses the Dalai Lama of encouraging the immolations.




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