Sears closing 120 stores nation-wide - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Sears closing 120 stores nation-wide

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Hundreds of Sears and K-Mart employees across the country will soon have to find other jobs. Most stores benefit from the holiday shopping season, but that wasn't the case this year for Sears.

With lower than expected holiday sales, the company said it will close up to 120 Sears and K-Mart stores nationwide.

Some customers said they can't imagine Sears closing up to 120 stores. Though it's not clear which stores across the country will be closing, customers hope the Sears in southeast Texas are spared.

Tonya Fuller did her holiday shopping at Sears this year. When she found out some stores would be closing because of declining sales, she recalled memories of when you could only shop through a sears catalog.

"Being as a child, my great-aunt, I would sit on her lap on the front porch and we would shop the Sears catalog," Fuller said.

Sonja Bihm recalls her own childhood memories of the store.

"When I was a kid, use to go see Santa Claus at the one in Orange, so, I hate to hear it's happening," she said.

Sears Holdings Corporation sales fell during the peak of the holiday shopping season this year, so it will now close as many as 120 Sears and K-Mart stores, saving up to $170 million.

Fuller said she feels bad for the employees.

"I would be sad for the people who would lose their jobs, because it's already a tough time."

12 News HD tried to talk to local managers and employees of the Sears in Beaumont and Port Arthur, but no one would comment on the closing. They referred us to their public relations department, and they made this comment:

"We've made no particular store closing announcements. We can not answer questions about individual stores at this time."

Sears has not released the list of stores that would be closing. Also, there's no timeline on the closing of these stores.