Students rally for Trayvon Martin - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Students rally for Trayvon Martin

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"No more she's black, she's white. Every body needs to come together for a common goal," said Jasmin Bocard after she was asked why she decided to organize a rally for Trayvon Martin.

Bocard says it's important for her and the rest of Lamar University's NAACP chapter to fight for justice in the Trayvon Martin case. Bocard started organizing this rally moments after she heard what happened to Trayvon Martin.

"For somebody so young to lose their life, for absolutely no reason, it hurts everybody. The country is outraged," said Bocard.

The rally held in Lamar's quad Wednesday afternoon encouraged students to sign a petition to prosecute George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who fatally shot martin in a Florida neighborhood last month.

Demonstrators wore hoodies and the color black to remember Martin who was wearing a hoodie when he was killed. Organizers passed out Skittles and tea which Martin had just purchased at a store before his death. One speaker says it's important to protest peacefully.

"Let's be rational and let's put measures into place that will prevent this type of event from ever happening again," said Thomas Sigee. Bocard has high hopes that the rally will speak volumes to students.

"This rally will educate, it will get people to understand that I guess we need to branch out and stick together," said Bocard.