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Father and son walking across America, make stop in Longview

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LONGVIEW, TEXAS (KYTX) A father and son are walking across America.  They've made it to east Texas this week. The father jokes about his weight problem but he's taking action to fix it.

The father is known as Toddzilla. When he began the journey, he weighed in at 435 pounds.  His son, about 330lbs. Both are on a mission to lose weight as well as give others the courage to do something out of the ordinary.

Todd and his son Colin are braving the Texas heat for a mission that began in January in their home state of Georgia. I'm a man of faith so I started walking and praying a little bit around town and then one day it just hit me," says Todd.

He had to walk to San Diego, California.  There was no particular reason he chose that end point. The former music minister says he just needed a break from an unfulfilled and unhealthy lifestyle. He didn't want to go alone. "I was excited that he asked me to go on this adventure with him," says son Colin.

 From Longview father and son will walk to Dallas, on to New Mexico, then Arizona and finally San Diego.  They're hoping to make it by September.

"It's turned into a walk of inspiration for a lot of people that have followed us along the way," says Todd.   The walk is supported by donations from their 650 facebook followers.

For this father and son, each step forward is a step closer to their weight loss goals and so much more. "You don't have to let your circumstances always dictate your actions. Your actions are capable of controlling what circumstances are around you," says Todd.

At night Todd and Colin either stay in a hotel or at the homes of people they've met along the way. By the end of this journey, Todd is hoping to be down to 275. His son Colin is shooting to get down to about 230 pounds.

Todd and Colin's relatives are driving along with them to provide support. The duo invites you to walk a mile with them.  You can catch up with them somewhere along Highway 80 in east Texas.

They should be walking along that route for the next several days.