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Woman charged with plotting to kidnap and kill a pregnant mother

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LONGVIEW, TEXAS (KYTX) A Longview woman is charged with planning to kidnap and kill a pregnant woman for her baby.

Tanya Bradley was arrested Friday, charged in a bizarre and potentially deadly plot.  "We received a call from one of the witnesses saying they had dropped Tanya Bradley off at the hospital," explains officer Kristie Brian with the Longview police department.

Police say for 9 months Bradley told friends and family she was pregnant.  But police say two family members learned the truth on Friday, that Bradley had faked her pregnancy.  The family members told investigators on the ride to the hospital she admitted to them she wasn't pregnant after all and told them about her plan.  "She had decided to actually find a mother that was pregnant. She was going to take her out into the county and then take the mother's life and take the child," says officer Brian.

Police say when Bradley's fake due date came she turned to drastic measures to continue her lies. "She was desperate because she had told everyone she was pregnant and then it was going to come to light that she wasn't," says Brian.

The horrible crime was stopped before it could happen partly because the family members who dropped Bradley off went straight to police. It is believed that Bradley herself changed her mind.  "According to the witnesses she had decided not to do it and called them to come and pick her up," says Brian.

Police say it was a complete surprise to her husband to learn his wife wasn't pregnant after all.

Tanya Bradley is in the Gregg county jail tonight on two counts of criminal attempt to commit capital murder. Her bonds total $500,000.