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Vidor attorney and son arrested

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  Vidor attorney, Karla Rogers, and her 40-year-old son, Chad Rogers, are accused with attacking police during a disturbance on Friday. Officers were dispatched to 235 N. Main in reference to a reckless driver. Witnesses told police Chad was the driver. But, when officers questioned Rogers, they say he pushed one of them off a porch and attempted to put an officer in a headlock.

   A policeman tazed Rogers and took him into custody. Police say Chad's mother, Karla, then punched a policeman after ignoring commands to stay back.  The attorney faces charges for assault on a public servant and other charges. Chad is charged with aggravated assault on a public servant and other charges.

12News HD spoke with Karla Rogers by phone Thursday and she refutes the police statements that she was combative with an officer. While Rogers admits she bumped chests with an officer, she said it stopped at that point. 


"There was no interference and I certainly never punched anyone," she said.  

Rogers says officers responded to a complaint of someone "cutting donuts" in the yard of her business. She said when officers arrived, she told them that she didn't care if that was happening. She says that is when a female officer got in her face, chest butting her.

"Officers were on top of my son for something as simple as cutting donuts in my yard," she said. "I was upset." Rogers says there were as many as 9 officers at her business.