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West Nile found in PA mosquitoes

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Mosquito control says the West Nile Virus has officially come to Port Arthur in 2012. Lab studies prove that mosquitoes were found with the virus in the area of Grannis and 5th St. on the West side of the city.

The deadly virus is particularly dangerous for elderly people, and Jefferson County Mosquito Control says they need to get the mosquitoes under control since that area of the city is heavily populated with elderly people.

All the mosquitoes that tested positive with the virus came from storm drains all around 5th and Grannis.

Spraying pesticides into drains, Mosquito Control hopes to wipe out the pests carrying the West Nile Virus.

That's one bite Paul Gobert doesn't want.

"It's scary. It really is."

Gobert and his aunt live in that area, and he says they often have to stay inside to keep from being bitten. Now that West Nile has been confirmed on some mosquitoes, he worries for his aunt's health.
"It can cause you death. You could die."

Mosquito Control Director Kevin Sexton says although no human cases have been reported yet, any one with a weak immune system is at risk.

"Some of those symptoms can mimic flu like symptoms, but you know they can get worse than that," said Sexton.

So to keep the virus from spreading to humans, workers pull up to the most common areas with mosquitoes: drains and sewers. They spray chemicals inside to kill the eggs.
Experts say there are some things you can do to protect yourself. Use a repellant containing DEET, and remove things like old tires or anything with standing water from around your home. That can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Plus, with more rain comes more breeding opportunities.

"You want to come outside, enjoy the sunshine and go in the yard and do things, and you can't do it because you're afraid you know," said Gobert.

If you're noticing heavy mosquito populations in your neighborhood, call mosquito control to report it at 409-719-5940.