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Hiway 80 Rescue Mission needing food donations

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LONGVIEW, TEXAS (KYTX) The summer heat means more homeless people and families in need -- are looking for help. Now the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission desperately needs food.

The rescue mission is serving about 650 meals a day this summer.  That's an increase of about 150 from what they normally serve outside of the summer months. Between the heat and this week's storms, the mission is asking for help to meet the extra needs mother nature is providing.

Men, women, and children can all seek refuge at the hiway 80 rescue mission. Since the summer began they are sleeping about 25 more people each night. That puts an extra strain on the shelter to provide their basic needs.

The shelter regularly gets donations of canned goods and clothing from people but during the warm months they simply need more.  While the mission struggles to care for everyone who asks for help, there is an added benefit to seeing more people come to the shelter.

"The heat does bring people in. If a woman and child are staying in a car then the heat will be a little hot for them. In some ways it's good news because we get them to come in who are not coming to the shelter because they don't know what the mission is about when they get here. We can then work with them on getting a job and working with them to become independent," says director Eric Burger.

At this point, the mission is in desperate need of fish and canned fruits and vegetables.  They also need gatorade, water bottles, hard candy, sunscreen and hats.  Drop your donations by the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission.