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Fire damages Longview apartment

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LONGVIEW, TEXAS (KYTX) A Mother and two children must find a new home after a fire at a Longview apartment complex Tuesday morning.  Fortunately no one got hurt.  It happened at the Hidden Hills apartments on Gilmer road.

The fire started around 10 Tuesday morning. The maintenance crew actually saw the smoke billowing from a window.   They went door to door to make sure everyone got out safe.

LaTasha and Kimberly live directly above the apartment that caught fire. "I was preparing breakfast for my family all of a sudden we started hearing a bang on our door saying come outside cause there's a fire," says LaTasha Armstrong.

"I looked out the peep hole and I realized it was maintenance. I opened the door and they told me the apartment is on fire," says Kimberly Blaylock.

The two quickly rushed out along with the other families surrounding the burning apartment.

"Maintenance crews on scene noticed smoke coming from the apartment. They left and verified if anybody was home and nobody was home," explains David Bates with the Longview fire department.

Firefighters say the fire started in the bottom floor and smoke quickly spread to the top.  "Especially with the age of this building that's a factor getting on it real quick is very important which the guys did a great job stopping the fire before it spreads," says Bates.

As fire crews investigated the cause, Kimberly and LaTasha looked on not knowing if their apartment above had been damaged. About half an hour later they were allowed to go back inside and thankfully their apartment was fine.  "Very grateful because we didn't get a lot of damage," says Kimberly.

Apartment management tells us the family had taken their pet to the vet when the fire broke out. Firefighters are still investigating the cause of this fire.