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Police Chief angered after shots fired

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Two Beaumont men could face aggravated assault of a peace officer charges after shots were fired at a SWAT team in the 1900 block of Ives St. just after 9:15 this morning.

Beaumont police say the SWAT team was serving a narcotics search warrant at a home when shots were fired at them.

Three men have been arrested.

Edward Crathin, 34, and David Buck, 39, were at the home  when shots were fired. The are both suspects in the aggravated assault of a peace officer charge.

Buck was arrested for evading detention. Crathin was a target in the search warrant, arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Joshua Harrison, 30, was also a target in the search warrant. He was found at a different location. Police say he was arrested for four outstanding warrants of possession of controlled substance.    

The shots were fired inside the home as the SWAT team approached.  No one was hit, but the Beaumont Police Chief Jim Singletary showed up on the scene as soon as the shots were fired.

"As soon as they approach the door, they're hollering police! police! so these guys knew they were shooting at police, and that angers us," said Chief Singletary.

Sgt. Rob Flores says the SWAT team was ready for the danger in this case.

"We had hard intelligence that there were going to be weapons at this scene and we anticipated shots being fired," said Sgt. Flores.

Immediately, police say the two men inside the home, Crathin and Buck, ran.

Police say they found Crathin hiding in the attic of a neighboring home on Earl St. 

Buck was found running beside the home on Ives. Both are being suspects in aggravated assault of a peace officer charges, a charge Chief Singletary doesn't take lightly.
"When I found out these guys were okay it's a little better, but still anger was there. These punks shoot at a SWAT team, they're going to hurt citizens," said Chief Singletary. 
Inside the home, police found an assault rifle, a handgun and cocaine.

Meanwhile, Chief Singletary walks away from the scene looking back on the danger.  
"It's hard to stay away. It's getting more and more dangerous out here. I will be out there with them as much as I can."

Chief Singletary says investigators are working to find out if the guns inside the home were stolen  or how the men got a hold of the guns.    

They are taking statements to figure out which man fired at police and will proceed with aggravated assault of a peace officer charges.