Animal rights protest in front of Beaumont Wal Mart - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Animal rights protest in front of Beaumont Wal Mart

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A group called, "Mercy For Animals" says Wal Mart pork suppliers abuse animals.

Some of the group's members Thursday set up a 10-foot inflatable pig in a cage near the Beaumont Wal Mart on Dowlen to bring attention to their message.  They say pork producers confine pregnant pigs in tiny crates on factory farms where they are, "unable to even turn around, lie down comfortably, or engage in other basic natural behaviors"

One of the group's spokespersons told 12News HD the issue of animal cruelty is of importance to everyone.

"Most people are opposed to animal cruelty, and when they learn about the abuses that farm animals endure throughout their lives, they no longer want to support it," said Phil Letten, the National Campaign Coordinator for Mercy for Animals.

12News HD is awaiting a response from Wal Mart.

Following a similar protest in Arkansas, A Walmart spokesperson in July told ABC News affiliate KATV the company is looking into the matter, and gave KATV the following written statement:

"We will not tolerate animal mistreatment by our suppliers. As soon as we were made aware of the video, we immediately reached out to our suppliers who source from this farm. If we determine that there was mistreatment, we will take action.
"We currently offer gestation crate-free pork products in a number of stores across the U.S.
"We have been having and will continue on-going discussions with our suppliers, NGOs and food safety experts to find ways to increase that number.
"We believe in offering our customers a choice."