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Abandoned Boat Towed Off the Port Aransas Jetties

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PORT ARANSAS (Kiii News) -

Almost a week after a fishing boat wrecked into the Port Aransas jetties and was stranded there, a towing company took the challenge to get the boat off the rocks Friday.

It was a big task, and lots of folks stopped what they were doing to watch as the company pulled the boat back into the water. It is not something you see everyday.

It was last weekend when the boat ended up on the rocks because the captain said he could not see the jetties in the dark, and misjudged where the jetties and the channel were.

A crew of three with Sea Tow Corpus Christi were able to break the boat from the rocks and get it back in the water. Unfortunately, the boat named Barracuda began taking on water fast. That's because the bottom of the boat was pretty much gone.

The Sea Tow Crew said it got a bit hairy hauling the boat through the channel. At one point, a freighter created some wake while passing them up, but the crew was able to make it to their destination; a shipyard in Aransas Pass.

"I guess they floated it off," spectator Gary Jenkins said. "They had those balloons under it."

One of the Sea Tow crew members was standing atop the 37-foot pleasure boat as the bow was under water. He was handling lines.

The boat was a total loss, and the owner's insurance is expected to pay for the tow, which Sea Tow said will most likely be an expensive job.